Saturday, April 2, 2011

Time to play show and tell

I have always wanted our blog to be a fun place to share inspiration, great tips, and ideas. So today I'm sharing with you three cards I recently was privileged to receive from friends....

First up a card I unexpectedly received in the mail from Tammy at Scrap Cave Creations. She was the winner of our 3 Birds on Parade drawing. I don't feel I deserve this alone, so dear friend who donated the cartridge this is for you as much as for me! Isn't it adorable?!!! Funny thing is just this week I designed a thank you card with the same theme...must be spring!

Next up is one Susan made me for my birthday. She knows me so well....RED, flowers, ribbon and the necessary BLING! She challenged herself to make a card with out using her Cricut, I think she did a fantabulous job!!!! Love you Susan!!!

And finally, here's another birthday card from my very dear, sweet friend Doris, who lives in WA state. She is the one I credit for getting me into making cards! She has been such a great friend and inspiration to me over the years, and getting one of her cards in the mail just makes my day! Isn't this card so sweet?!!! Love you Doris!!!

Thank you Tammy, Susan, and Doris!!!! You rock and you know these cards will end up in my scrapbook very very soon! I am a very blessed girl!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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