Monday, April 18, 2011

New addiction!

Yesterday I found a great method for printing graphics (or what ever) directly on to fabric. Ask my family and Susan, I was beside myself with sheer excitement. You would've thought I won the lottery! Of course I got the idea here and here on the Graphics Fairy website. I've been dieing for a way to incorporate her images into something other than paper. I used the freezer paper method.

Here's my first finished project, a Union Jack pillow for Becky who is obsessed with England. I purposley left the edges of the flag raw so it would unravel a bit. I also antiqued the original image a little in PhotoShop. Here is the original image from the Graphics Fairy.

Here's my second project today. I made my mom a little place mat type thing for her room. This time after I printed the graphic, I applied heat activated vinyl to both sides of the fabric. Yes, I know I could've just printed this on paper, but I'm now fixated on printing onto fabric! Here's a link to the image I used from the Graphics Fairy (again!) The color changed a bit after I applied the film to it.

I get to go play with Susan tomorrow and we're so excited! Hopefully I'll come home with lots of awesome projects to share!

Hope you have a very blessed week!


Love That Bug said...

These are super cute. I love them

Susan said...

Cute, cute, cute! We need to get together one afternoon and print fabric tags! Always love your ideas. And I had LOADS of fun with you yesterday!! Thanks for coming over.