Friday, April 22, 2011

Blessed Good Friday and a New Company to Share

I hope you are all having a very blessed day!

I thought today would be a great day to share with you all a wonderful little company Susan found while she was at a book fair a few weeks ago. I want to support Sarah in every way possible because it's not easy running a business, especially at the ripe old age of 19! Let me introduce you to Sarah who owns Pursenalize It. Her main emphasis is on one-of-a-kind completely customized hand made purses. Susan purchased one from her and I have seen it first hand, it's an amazing work of art!!! She also creates other amazing hand made accessories. Well here's the sincher for me, she also makes Jean Pocket Mini Scrapbook kits! I had Susan pick one up for me, it is so well thought out and planned. Sarah doesn't have them on her webstie yet, but I'm told she will very soon. Here are some pictures of my kit....
Sorry this pic is a little blurry! This is how the kit comes...looks like fun!
This is the kit all spread out....patterned and solid 7 x 7 cardstock, cardboard base pages with adorable little hinges sewn to the edge for binding, each page is clearly labeled. Antiqued binder rings. Denim "ribbons" for tying on the rings. Fully lined jean pockets (can't you just see blinging these babies up?!!!) A templet for punching your holes in the hinge, and finally extra pieces of the cardstock for embellishing or what ever! Oh and of course, very clear and detailed instructions for putting the mini together!

close up of the denim pockets and ribbons

Close up of the cardstock, there are also more pieces of 7 x 7 pale yellow cardstock for adhering to the base pages first. They are each labeled and clearly marked.
Close up of the base pages and extra cardstock.

I can tell you that Sarah has put a LOT of time and work into these kits. I can't wait to put mine together, now I just need to find pictures to put in it! This kit is available in different colors/patterns as well, this is the one Susan picked for me. Isn't it the cutest thing EVER! I will be putting a link to Sarah and Pursenalize It on our blog, go give Sarah some love girls!

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Susan said...

I LOVE my purse that I bought from Sarah! She is a very talented young lady!