Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Recipe Card, Bags, and Tags Oh My!

Hi again! I've been very busy with my Love Bug and Chloe for the last few days, they are loving all the attention they're getting!

First, here is a recipe card I made yesterday. It was for a challenge about favorite holiday recipes. Well the reining champ here at our house has been these yummy little cookies officially known as Raspberry Pinwheels, but Becky renamed them a few years ago to be now called "Annabells." My mom always made them at Christmas time. Last year my mom made some while she was visiting and Mike fell in love with them again, I ended up making another huge batch of them just for him. Anyhow, they are a huge favorite here so I thought I would make a special recipe card to hold this beloved cookie.
 The card base was cut with From My Kitchen, using this cool double sided paper. Apron was from Nifty Fifties, the cherries were omitted from the pockets and I added holly from the top of the Christmas Pudding cut in Winter Frolic. Annabells was cut with Gypsy font and welded on Chloe.
 The back of the card is the recipe. I printed this out on my printer and just cut it to size.

On to another project...a couple weeks ago I made Susan's two youngest daughters matching dresses for their American Girl dolls (it's been too long since I've made these, I miss it so much!) Well of course I couldn't just wrap the dresses like a normal person, I HAD to make little shopping bags for them. It was quite a challenge making the bags large enough. Even with 12 x 24 paper, the bags have so many odd size pieces. I finally figured out how to rotate the bags on Chloe enough to get a good size bag. 
 This is Allie's bag, I decided to cut off the handles and use double sided satin ribbon for the handles, more like a little boutique bag. I just love the little kids on Winter Frolic so I just had to make the girls and put them on their bags. Bags were cut with Tags, Bags, Boxes and More.
This is  Deanna's bag. When I first saw this cut it screamed Deanna to me. I have been waiting for an excuse to make this one for her. ( I realized while making these bags, I have now created three versions of these two sweet girls in just the past year, crazy! Spring, Summer, and Winter.)
I made cute tags for the other side of these bags, each girl has her name on it and it is tied on with some pink ribbon. Their names were done with the Gypsy Font once again, and the tags are from Gypsy Wanderings.

Have a blessed day!!!!!


Susan said...!!!! These are adorable!! I can't wait for the girls to see them! The dresses can't be any cuter than the bags! :D

Connie said...

Thank you Susan! I can't wait for them to see them and the dresses!

Brenda said...

awww soooo your work!!