Thursday, December 16, 2010

Banana Split Cat

After Halloween this year I went to Target for the sole purpose of finding my kitty a fun "outfit." Yes, once again, I know I'm crazy! He has a cute little Santa suit, but he is much too large for it now. Perry likes this one much better because there is no hat involved. He actually tolerates this costume pretty well for a crazy kitty like himself. I finally just got around to scrapping these pictures, I thought they were so funny so I just had to share...
The title was cut using Nifty Fifties, welding on Chloe. Banana split was created using the banana from Create A Critter, ice cream was from Indy Art (ice cream cone.) Hot fudge sauce was the drippy topping on the Christmas Pudding from Winter Frolic, and the cherry was from Create A Critter.  I embossed the words with the Tiny Mosaic folder, banana was Wood grain folder, ice cream scoops were Polka Dots folder, hot fudge was Divine Swirls and finally the cherry was embossed with Swiss Dots folder. Of course then I stickled the hot fudge sauce and the cherry.
This was the first thing I made with my Nifty Fifties cartridge when it arrived last month.  I embossed the words with the Polka Dots folder once again. I know these pages are pretty simple, but I didn't want to distract from the silly Perry pictures, he does think he's pretty cool AND the top banana around here. As you can see he has a love for laying on storage totes. I just started labeling all my Christmas tote boxes with vinyl, it's so much fun!

Hope you have a day filled with laughter!

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