Thursday, June 3, 2010

More Vinyl Projects Coming Soon!

Today I received a wonderful cardboard tube filled with more Cricut Vinyl! Yeah for vinyl! I didn't want to purchase full rolls of vinyl this time so I ordered 12 x 24 pieces from Expressions Vinyl. This is a great way to go if you want lots of different colors and a good price too. I'm gearing up for my next fun project which is decorating my daughter's old 1994 Chevy AstroVan which she has dubbed as the "U.S.S. Enterprise." Of course I'll be cutting that name out for her back window. Not just any color would do, so I ordered some silver metallic vinyl, I've been dyeing to get my hands on this for a while now. As for the rest of the van, I think it will be all flowers and girly. She has given Susan and I permission to do just about anything, yahoo! I thought of continuing the outer space theme, but I decided no. After all, she's putting a girl and a guy wiggly hula doll on her dashboard....oh to be 19 again!
Stay tuned for pictures soon....

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