Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Robotz Have Invaded!

So this first one is done with vinyl in Michael's room, he picked the colors and the robot. These were just colors I had on hand and didn't realize the brown matched his wall camo. I've been wanting to get a roll of brushed silver vinyl, now I think I have a real "excuse!" 

This is a little one my daughter agreed to let me put on her laptop... I think it's soooo cute!

This guy is my first ever 3-D Cricut project. I would've cut the pieces out differently if I had realized how they all go together, but overall, we're pretty happy with it. Michael picked this one out too and helped me put it together.

My two guys (hubby and son) are getting into building robots and that's why I just had to have this cartridge, it came out just at the perfect time!

Have a great day!


Susan Vanderlaan said...

To cute!!!! Maybe I will get brave soon and start my 3-D village pieces soon!

Connie said...

I was just thinking that as well! One day we'll have to try that together.
You get a prize for being our fist comment!