Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One of My "Golden Rules" of Scrapbooking

Today I reaffirmed one of my personal "golden rules"  That would be always stock up and keep extra on hand when ever possible. I had been happily cutting away on my Cricut when I realized that even with all the settings turned to the max amount, my card stock was not cutting all the way through. I figured my blade had gone dull and I was not happy. I was almost done with my project and wanted to do just one more thing (yeah right!) My daughter had taken my car for the day, so I knew there was no hope of getting a new blade right away. I was sure I did not have any spare ones, as I have only replaced it once in all the years I've been "Cricuting." I decided to work with what I had managed to cut and was digging through my stuff when..... what to my wondering eyes did I see?!  A spare blade still in it's package! Could it be?! So there I have it once again, my "stock piling" of craft supplies has paid off once again! Sure as sure can be, I will be purchasing more next time I have my car....and a coupon of course!
Have a great day!

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